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Nucks Misconduct Pool #4: For All The Marbles. Win A Canucks Jersey!

First of all, has everyone that I emailed registered and joined Nucks Misconduct Fantasy Pool #3? The remaining spaces in that pool will now go (in order) to people that emailed me but have not received an ID and password.

Secondly, I am not going to hand out any prizes to the overall winner of Pools 1-3. I was debating sending a jersey to the winner of the Score Predicting Wizard contest but had another idea. I have created a Nucks Misconduct 4 pool over at Read on... provides an option of box picks for players and teams. I have edited those boxes and created several new ones, including an ex-Canuck box and several team boxes, where you can pick which team will win the most games. I don't want to dole out a prize for the first 3 Yahoo pools because, well, I don't like trades amongst teams. I don't want any chance of cheating in any fashion (even though it's tough to avoid regardless). Also, I prefer something low-maintenance as an admin as time is not something I have a lot of. In other words, I don't want to make an NM4 pool as a live draft with Yahoo, as I cannot create the league without having a team of my own involved.

The Hockeydraft pool will involve making a pick from each box and not being able to make any changes for the entire season. It is putting the onus on you to make the best (and luckiest) picks right off the bat and the winner takes it all at the end of the season. I will send the hero a Ryan Kesler home orca jersey (and hopefully not get screwed by a lousy second rate Chinese store on Ebay this time. Here's the rundown:

  • 26 boxes of choices
  • 1 point per player point
  • 1 point for a goalie win and 2 points for a shutout (3 maximum points)
  • 1 point per team win
  • I'm not sure of the limit of participants in this event but it's a lot more than 20. I'd like to shoot for 50 or more if permitted. The cool thing about this is that all I'll have to do is give you a username and password and you do the rest of the work. I team entry per person.

So there is a bit of everything there. But before I go any further, please use the poll to let me know if you are interested. If there is enough interest I will post entry details SOON. I'd like to keep this to Canucks fans only.