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September 7th Open Ice

Remember when we had to take ALL these subjects? (via <a href=""></a>)
Remember when we had to take ALL these subjects? (via

Hey look, it's the first day of school!  I'm sure quite a few of you are parents sending their kids off, so you must be feeling like the dad in this Staples commercial.  If you're the working adult who doesn't have to deal with this stuff yet, you'll probably have to within a few years.  If you're a university student like me whose classes don't start until tomorrow, then we have one more day left to sleep in (not that I was able to, mind you, but I will be making a double batch of muffins today to serve as my breakfasts for the next week).  If you had to start your courses last week though, I'll try to hold back my laughter.
Here's what I found for links:

Open topic for today:  What is one of your favourite memories of elementary school?