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Nucks Misconduct Fantasy League Sign-up!

Well, the time has come to sign up teams and leagues for Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Hockey, which means it's time to organize the Nucks Misconduct leagues!!

We will start with 1 league, then add more if need be.  Here is the set-up for the first league:

NM Fantasy League   (League ID#: 28015    Password: keslord)  *ALREADY FULL*

  • Head-to-head league
  • 20 teams, 4 divisions
  • 4 acquisitions max per week
  • Unlimited trades through season
  • 2 C, 2 RW, 2 LW, 4 D, 2 G, 4 BN, 1 IR
  • Categories: Goals, Assists, Plus/Minus, PIM, PPP, GWG, Wins, GAA, SV%, Shutouts
  • Live draft scheduled for Monday September 13 at 4:30 5:30 pm PDT  (can be changed if enough people complain)

Register your team now.  If space runs out and you still want to play, let us know.  If there's enough people interested in another league, we'll set up another and post the new info here.

UPDATE:  The 1st league is already full, so I just created a 2nd:

NM Fantasy League 2 (League ID#: 28226    Password: mayray) UPDATE: FULL

  • Same set-up as first
  • Live draft scheduled for Tuesday September 14 at 5:30 pm PDT (can also be changed)
  • If you are already in the 1st league, please refrain from signing up for the 2nd unless I say we need more people in this one.

SZ Note: I have created a 3rd Nucks Misconduct Fantasy Pool. <edit: full> Same rules and settings as the 2 pools missy created. Live draft is Friday October 1st at 6:00 PM PST (flexible). If you want in shoot me an email and I'll pass on the goods. Preference will go to Nucks Misconduct members, as some have already suggested that they prefer familiarity with other members of this site. Fair enough. Give me your NM username in your email so I can identify you.