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5 Reasons Why Rebecca Bollwitt (Miss 604) Loves The Canucks

Photobucket1 - The history. Sure, the Canucks have never technically won a Stanley Cup but Vancouver did in 1915. It's a 95-year build up but man will it ever be a party when we get to do that again.

2 - The fans. Canucks fans are die-hard and you'll not only see them sporting jerseys year-round but you can spot at least a pair of them at even the furthest "away" games. The fans were also responsible for #Canucks trending higher on Twitter than #Jesus last Easter.

3 - Our heroes. From Neilson's towel waving to Tiger Williams' stick ride down the ice. The players over the years have been like brothers, sons, and all-round great guys that everyone in town looks out for (and lovingly criticizes). Just count the number of Facebook groups that are petitioning to get a street named after Trevor Linden or make him Vancouver's next mayor.

4 - Fin. That's right, our mascot. He's probably one of the least annoying out of every single mascot I've ever seen in any professional sport. He's feisty, agile, out and about in the community, and gets the crowd going when there's no reason to cheer.

5 - Swedish Twins. It's taken them years to hit their stride in Vancouver. They've grown up with the team and the fans have come to love (instead of mock) this duo. You simply can't ignore the outstanding season Hank had and the positive international recognition he's brought to our team. Here's hoping the momentum carries over into the 10-11 season.

Editor note: If you want to be in-the-know with what's happening in Metro Vancouver check out Rebecca's popular, creative and informative site Miss 604, and is also a co-host on The Crazy Canucks podcast. You can follow also follow her on Twitter.