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Fear The B-Team: Canucks & Sharks Rematch


In 2010 a crack commando unit somewhat suspect preseason lineup was sent to prison San Jose by a military court Gary Bettman for a crime game they didn't commit that doesn't count. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade customs to the Los Angeles underground H.P. Pavilion sausage cart. Today, still wanted by the government Manitoba Moose, they survive as soldiers of fortune players looking for work. If you have a problem some injuries, if no one else can help hurts your cap management, and if you can find them wait for the game to be over, maybe you can hire the B-Team.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang!

(Go Canucks)


Canucks' Roster:





Sharks' Roster:

I have no idea. But it is their final preseason game on home soil, as they will head to Europe to play their final 2 games in Germany.

More news after the jump.

-Jamal Mayers (arm) and Jason Demers (gums) will not play tonight.

-Joe Thornton, Ryan Clowe and Antero Niittymaki, who did not play against the Canucks last night, practiced with the team today and will most likely play...well Thornton and Clowe especially. This could be a slaughter in San Jose's favor, but you never know. I can't wait to see Eddie Lack play again. He could stone these guys.

-Dan Hamhuis, who has been terrific so far, gets praise from his teammates. One thing that both Kevin Bieksa and Alexandre Edler have said about him so far is that they always know where he is. So they feel they can pinch in and they know he has their back if something goes awry. A "calming" influence. Now THAT is something this team needs on D. Something Willie Mitchell provided in the past.

-The Province's Ben Kuzma wants Brendan Morrison to be more selfish tonight against the Sharks. Meaning: pass less and shoot more. Make a bold statement. Scheduled to play between Jeff Tambellini and Guillaum Desbiens, I think Kuzma has a point, but you know, even if BMO wins most of his faceoffs, gets 3 assists and makes his linemates look good in the process, I think that would suffice.

-Speaking of linemates, I sure hope Cody Hodgson can click with Bill Sweatt and Raffi Torres tonight. With a thin line up front, maybe Hodgson will shine as the go-to guy. We shall see.Tony Gallagher tweeted tonight: Cody Hodgson is being programmed to fail with Bill Sweatt and Raffi Torres.

-Manny Malhotra's is expecting any time now, so he may not have made the trip.

-Also back at home: Rogers Arena has a new look on the exterior. Hat tip to Chuckles for posting it here.

Go Canucks!

Hodgson, just bag one! It could do wonders for you, man!