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Luongo Tweaks Groin / More Canucks News

WANTED: Line mate who can do dirty work and score
WANTED: Line mate who can do dirty work and score

UPDATE: The Sharks will counter with:




UPDATE: Via @reidder, possible lines against the Sharks tonight:




  • Apparently Roberto Luongo tweaked his groin in the Canucks' 4-1 win over the Ducks on the weekend. The Canucks are taking every precaution with this situation. He will miss the next 2 games. On the plus side, Eddie Lack will start against the Sharks on Wednesday. I am looking forward to seeing that!
  • Cody Hodgson is feeling great and will play on a line with Ryan Kesler and Mason Raymond against San Jose. Hodgson's favorite term in front of the media has been "progression" in regards to his back injury. Now he must progress with his play.
  • Alain Vigneault said of Shirokov: "Our people here sent him home last year with Roger (Takahashi, the Canucks' fitness coach)  following up on that training regime, he should have known the areas where he needed to improve. Obviously, it's up to him to do it and he didn't do it to the extent we feel was needed." Aaand that about spells the end of Sergei Shirokov's chances of making the Canucks' roster. Cue the Krutov jokes? No? Yeah I know.
  • "Nobody has come out and grabbed it and said, ‘Coach, I’m the guy,’ who is going to go out there whether it be with the twins or whether it’s moving [Mikael] Samuelsson with the twins and playing somebody else there [on the second line]," Alain Vigneault said Monday. "Nobody has come out and grabbed it. There are three games in four nights [this week] and hopefully somebody is going to force our hand." - (Vancouver Sun). So much for depth up front at this point, but I think somebody will emerge over the next few games. Maybe Brendan Morrison or Cody Hodgson. Maybe neither and Mikael Samuelsson takes the spot.
  • No Canuck player is on the leaderboard for preseason scoring, but we have 2 on the list for penalty minutes: Tanner Glass and Darcy Hordichuk.