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Dead Ducks: A Review Of The Canucks' Destruction Of The Quacks

I listened to the first period of the Canucks-Ducks game on the radio while helping friends with drywall installation and then watched the 2nd and 3rd period on good ol' CBC. What a game! What domination on the Canucks' part. But the Canucks iced a pretty good roster where the Ducks did not have Ryan Getzlaf or Corey Perry in their lineup. Doesn't matter. It was fun to watch the Sedins work their magic on the eve of their birthday. Yes, they turn 30 today. A jolly happy birthday to our favorite ESP Twins.

...and Roberto Luongo....good god. If we see more of THAT Luongo this season then only good things can happen. Speaking of Lou, I found the interview with Mike Gillis on After Hours quite intriguing:

So Gillis and Alain Vigneault didn't know the repercussions of making Luongo captain in the first place in relation to the savage media? Do they not know their surroundings? We are a hockey crazed people. We analyze the hell out of everything! How could they not know what would happen? Regardless, that is now in the past and Gillis and the coaching staff are awaiting another captain to emerge...ahem...even though we are led to believe that Henrik Sedin has already been chosen.

From that interview, Gillis is uncertain if Sami Salo even plays this season. If I'm a GM I'd rather he didn't. Imagine the cap complications when / if Salo returns plus you don't know how many games you get out of the guy when he returns. Turn the page, I say! Our D looks great.

In the interview, Gillis almost lets the cat out of the bag in regards to Brendan Morrison. They want to sign him. And why not? Morrison looks great out there. Does that mean Cody Hodgson is out of the equation? Not necessarily. Rick Bowness said Saturday that Hodgson is skating "at least 30% better than he did last year at camp." So we should see some serious flash from him against the Oilers tonight, as he is projected to play on a line with Bill Sweatt and Sergei Shirokov. I am really looking forward to watching him perform. In the end, both Morrison and Hodgson could make the team however, some cap crunching and trades will have to take place. Would Morrison sign for $750,000 (as an example)? We will need a bargain price for him.

OK, so I'm a bit of a Dan Hamhuis homer because he hails from my home town of Smithers, but all that aside, this kid looks great doesn't he? He looks like he has been playing for Vancouver for years. There's already so much chemistry there. I believe he had more icetime than any other Canucks skater against the Quacks. He is so poised, and man, can he quarterback a power play with his confident decisions and precision passing.

Further Random Notes From The Ducks Game:

-Daniel Sedin using the slap shot, and often. Yeah, keep doing that shiz, Dank. It suits you. That slapper goal on Jonas Himmler, I mean Hiller was sweet as pie.

-Jordan Shroeder. Great player, but I'm still sure he doesn't make the final roster. I think that is fair to say at this point.

-I like the rough and aggressive play of Guillaume Desbiens. This guy has to be fringe bottom 6 or a guy who makes the final roster. However he has serious competition in that category I have to admit. He brings more to the table than Tanner Glass IMO, but I need to see more of his play to make a sure assessment.  Nice to see him get a goal as a reward plus 14:41 of ice time.

-Andrew Alberts played over 20 minutes and I think I like what he is bringing. There are still moments where he makes incorrect decisions with puck movement in his own zone, but at least his mistakes aren't costly and his body checks are deadly.

-I like Hordichuk-Parros fights.

-Chris Tanev looks steady.

-Did Jeff Tambellini pass the test on the Sedin line? M'eh. He missed a glorious opportunity in the 3rd after being a recipient of a Sedin pass. He cursed loudly on the bench afterwards. I'm not sold on him getting a top 6 spot yet. But it was only 1 game.

-Did you miss the game? Well here are the highlights:


Well, the Smithers area will be without power from 5:30 AM to 2:30 PM today so I will be offline until game time, as the drywalling madness continues tomorrow. Thank gad for cordless drills! See you at game time!