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Time to update the Canucks transplant map

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Before we kick off the regular season in two weeks, we should update our transplant map (always on the lefthand side of the homepage). The original idea was to know where some SBN buddies are located near you in case you wanted to get together for a drink or twenty and watch the Sedins embarrass the opposition. Same rules for the regular season; don't be alone out there. Despite what the haters may say, there are a surprising number of Canucks fans all over the globe.

Our map currently if you want to check it out below or directly.

View Nucks Misconduct Vancouver Canucks Transplant Map in a larger map

If you're not on the map - or if you are and you've moved - you can email me or drop the following info in the comments:

  1. Your SBN username. Don't send your real name since no one can contact you otherwise.
  2. Your location. City and country will suffice, I don't need apartment numbers.

Also we need someone in South America. Don't tell me there aren't any, we see the web traffic stats people...make the jump from lurking to cursing with the rest of us!