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A Bit Of Squid: September 23, 2010

  • No Canucks hockey until Saturday, when they face the Ducks. Several members of the organization are playing golf for the Jake Milford Charity the rain I'm sure. 
  • I don't get it. I don't get why the Canadiens are putting all their chips in on Carey Price this year now that Jaroslav Halak signed in St. Louis. I think it took about 1.5 minutes into the game against the Bruins last night for the boo's to start. The Habs players were none too impressed. Check out this TSN video for the Habs-Bruins highlights plus the players' reaction afterwards. Have fun Price
  • How did Simon Gagne's debut with the Lightning go against the Blackhawks last night in Winnipeg? Well, pretty damned good.
  • The League is not impressed with the actions of new Blackhawk Nick Boynton, who got his ass handed to him in a fight with Tampa's Blair Jones. As Boynton skated to the p-box he issued a throat-cutting gesture to Jones. Boo f***ing hoo. Who cares?
  • Oh noes...The Flames have lost Matt Stajan for an indefinite amount of time after he separated his shoulder against the Canucks. That is a big loss for Calgary. Shut up, Chuckles.
  • Old news, but why is Mikhail Grabovski punching out a couple in Vancouver during the Olympics humorous? Because the guy was wearing a Habs jersey. Aside from that, not funny. Hitting women...not funny. No charges will be laid.