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Thoughts From Canucks' Dual Losses To Flames

Thanks to vancitydan who posted his thoughts in the game thread comments section, saying:

The Game In Vancouver;

Shirokov. Looked a lot more comfortable. Got bounced around a bit by the big Flames Dee, but battled.

Both Sweatt boys. Lee makes a great first pass, and was laying people out. Not bad for a guy that is drawing comparisons to Brian Rafalski. Added bonus, he brought us his brother. He had speed, and made plays. Still raw…but the idea of that guy with Kesler and Raymond on a pure speed line will scare th hell out of teams.

Morrison…took a definite step towards a possible roster spot. He played well. Manny Mo and Raffi were as advertized too, and Desbiens was a wrecking ball.

There were others…especially Schneider. Connauton has that uncanny ability ( as advertised) to get the puck through to the net from the point. He will be OK.

The Game In Calgary ;

Lack. Amazing poise and great positionally for a rookie on his first camp. Once again the Canucks send a bonus check to Thomas Gradin for another find. Hansen’s entire line.

Tambo and ??? (Edit: Joel Perrault)


There are others whose names escape…but was happy with the battle against an almost NHL team.

Coilers are indeed doomed. Hall be damned.

Zandberg's Take

A great review by vancitydan. I especially second the notion on Eddie Lack. For a big goalie he is so quick. He looked completely comfortable and confident. His lateral movement is very quick. His girth takes up so much of the net. He has puck-handling skills. This guy is showing the most promise, and will most likely make the future trade of Cory Schneider bearable.

Jordan Schroeder has so much skill and speed but isn't putting it all together. I have no doubt that he will spend another season in Manitoba.

Peter Schaefer = m'eh

Brendan Morrison needs to make this team. His experience, speed and play-making abilities really showed.

Despite a really rough shift, I thought Andrew Alberts looked fine out there. His sweep check to thwart a Jarome Iginla breakaway was brilliant. He looked confident to me. He's a big bruising D-man who should excel in the stay-at-home role for the Canucks this season.

Like I said before: I am really anticipating watching Cory Schneider play between the pipes for the Canucks this season.

I mostly watched the Canucks-Flames game that transpired in Calgary. The Canucks kids really took it to the more-experienced Flames team. It was a most-entertaining game to watch.

BOXSCORE: Flames 3 Canucks 2 (in Calgary)

BOXSCORE: Flames 3 Canucks 1 (in Vancouver)