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Canucks / NHL News For Training Camp Day 3

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  • The Canucks have trimmed their roster by 3 today: D Sawyer Hannay (who?) sent back to Hell I mean Halifax, C Alex Friesen sent back to Niagara and LW Matt Fraser was released. 
  • Tanner Glass' new blog post: Preseason Excitement
  • Cody Hodgson has been cleared for full contact! Now the next step is to see if his back can handle a heavier workload. Just so there is no confusion this time: Cody Hodgson has told the Canucks that his back is fine. 
  • The last thing you want is for Mason Raymond to be a one year one hit wonder. But MayRay believes he can score more than 30 goals this year and continue to progress. Hey, he's got my support. With his work ethic, speed, desire to go to the dirty areas, I don't see why he can't achieve his goals.
  • The Canucks' preseason games begin tomorrow, with 2 games on tap. One squad will face a Flames squd at Rogers Arena while another squad plays in Calgary. Naturally, with so many players to edit, the rosters will lack star quality.
  • This post will be updated as more Canucks news becomes available. 

As for the rest of the NHL:

  • Video outlining new rules for the 2010-11 season. (
  • Chris Drury will miss about a month with a broken finger
  • The Blue Jackets have signed G Steve Mason to a 2-year $5.8 million contract.
  • Maple Leafs players are fighting each other in scrimmages. No biggy. It's a big competition to make that squad this year. This line of the story irks me: Sportsnet's Arash Madani also reported that expletives were exchanged. Yeah no shit. What the hell else are they going to say? "Komisarek, I hate you! "Oh yeah? Well I hate you too so I will now strike you." "Strike away, it shall not hurt" POW POW "Ow! You DID hurt me!" "Mommy! Help! I am being defeated!"
  • Is an Edmonton-Columbus Sheldon Souray for Mike Commodore trade in the works? Talk about 2 over priced defencemen signed to deals that go on for far too long. That would be 2 teams swapping headaches and it makes sense.(Spector's Hockey)