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A Bit of Squid (September 14th)

Last night went very well for the Canucks prospects, who beat the Sharks prospects 5-3 with 2 goals and a fight from Aaron Volpatti.  I did see the 1st period of the game, and I was impressed with the speed Jordan Schroeder and Prab Rai had rushing up the ice.  I also saw both goalies, Eddie Lack for us and Thomas Heemskerk for San Jose, standing on their heads with amazing saves.  I did have to leave at the beginning of the 2nd period, but from what I read in last night's GDT, Rai and Bill Sweatt combined for an impeccable PK and Chris Tanev continued to shine.  Today is a day of rest for our prospects (good thing too, since I'm out of the house until 9:30 this evening).

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