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Luongo Captaincy Fiasco Could End Monday / More On Hodgson

Mike Gillis told reporters Sunday

On Cody Hodgson:

"He has a bulging disc in his back. That's been an ongoing injury," Gillis explained. "In addition to that, we've been informed by his family and his agent that he also had a slight muscle tear in his back that is now completely healed. There is still some tenderness around that area."

"There wasn't any misdiagnosis. It was more that ... because of the bulging disc everyone presumed the symptoms were similar to anybody who would have a bulging disc, and that's what the diagnosis was."

On Roberto Luongo: 

"I think that the expectations that go with that position, with that title, in a Canadian city can be a distraction," Gillis admitted. "I will discuss that with him (Monday), and I will find out whether he feels the same way, and get his thoughts on the process." 

"He is one of the hardest working guys on our team. He leads by example," Gillis said. "The way he lives his life, his demeanour... We are completely confident in his leadership abilities."

"He's going to do, we're going to do, what's in the best interests of this team."

More from the Gillis presser at Sportsnet. I can't wait until both matters are ancient history.