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Book It: Saturday, November 20


Sorry Markus, your retirement jersey wasn't enough to sway the NM army from an evening discussing international economic theory while watching Vancouver paste Chicago. So mark November 20th down on your calendar as the night we'll have our first community meet up. We floated a pregame event before heading over to watch the game, but to make life easier we'll just find a bar and watch from there. More money in your pocket is a good thing during a holiday season.

Our next goal is to find a bar and while Zanny could show you quite a time in Smithers and I could ruin you in NYC or SF, neither of us are terribly familiar with great bars or pubs around Vancouver or near the arena. So if you have a recommendation, we'd love to hear it.

Friends, significant others and strangers with candy are more than welcome. We'll post more details in the next few weeks.