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September 1 Open Ice

Well what do we have here...a prophet in pajamas
Well what do we have here...a prophet in pajamas

Like missy was alluding to yesterday..September..summer is almost over. But halleluiah! Training Camp starts in 18 days, and the Young Stars Tournament begins September 12. 

  • The Canucks are not sure if Cody Hodgson will participate in the Young Stars Tournament or if he'll head straight to veteran's camp. - Province.
  • As the folks at CDC found out, Raffi Torres will wear #13. Blasphemy! (I kid).
  • If you haven't voted yet, pick which Canucks defenceman (here) and forward (here) we should protect for SBN's mock expansion draft. Plus, join in on the conversation in the comments thread. 
  • Chuckles Canuckles posted an image in the Fanshot section of the logo that will occupy center ice at GM Place Roger's Arena. I'm with Beantown on this one: no Canucks logo? Pfft! 
  • Chris Chelios has officially retired at the ripe age of 48. He moves directly into a management position as advisor to hockey operations with the Red Wings. Love him or hate him, you have to give him credit for a fantastic NHL career. A dirty little bugger he was though. Remember Ron Hextall charging out of his net to beat on him for the nasty hit he put on Brian Propp
  • Nikolai Khabibulin has been sentenced to a minimum 30 day jail sentence for his impaired driving charges. However the decision has been appealedl and so Khabby is free to attend Oilers' training camp until further notice. 
  • Wanna know what the latest Kovalchuk deal that was submitted to the NHL looks like? Puck Daddy (via Sportsnet) shows the goods. All I can say is: what the hell is that all about? This is a joke and I want it to end. The dollars Kovalchuk earns escalates in the final 2 years of the proposed 15 year deal. The NHL will give it's answer by 2 PM PST today. *EDIT* The decision deadline has been pushed to Friday, according to TSN.
  • Marty Turco talks with ESPN about playing for the Hawks. One thing that stood out there was the Hawks finally having a goalie with superb puck handling skills as a great addition to their already-superb transition game. 
  • "In Vancouver we had a guy, Ryan Johnson, who I think was one of the best leaders I played with. He was a character guy, but he never had a letter. So I don’t think you need a letter in order to be a leader. I think a leader just becomes one, because your peers look toward you. That, for me, is what it’s about." - Willie Mitchell in an in depth interview with Rich Hammond of LA Kings Insider.
  • Old news, but Sami Salo is not the only player to tear his achilles tendon this summer. Add Bruins' Trent Whitfield to that list.He may actually miss the entire season.
  • Joffrey Lupul's stint with the Ducks has suffered another setback: blood infection that occurred during surgery on a herniated disc in his back last season.
  • "I talked to every guy and everyone was excited for the chance to play here. Camp is coming up quick and we have to be ready. Every guy we added will help us." - new Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf (via the Toronto Sun), who was also hitting guys at practice lately who thought they could keep their heads down crossing the blue line. The Leafs know they have to get off to a strong start this season, and Phaneuf is drilling that into their heads.
  • Get ready to see a lot more of Matt Cullen, who now provides Minnesota with a potent 1-2 punch at center along with Mikko KoivuCullen is stoked to be playing in his home state
  • OT: I was following a car in Tofino BC a couple days ago: Illinois liscence plate and a big Blackhawks sticker on the back window. I thought about knocking it off the road and sinking it in the ocean but muttered obscenities instead. 
  • OT: Sami Salo's sister is a ballet dancer.
  • QUESTION OF THE DAY: What scares you the most? It can be a person, place, thing, concept, etc.  We want to show our support for Chuckles Canuckles who has a heart attack every time a picture of a snake is posted in the comment thread. Mine? Maggots. I have nightmares of those f*cking things. Also: ants. I fell into an ant pile once as a kid (long story) and those little bastards were pinching me from my head to my toes. Traumatized. Not far behind ants: bees. Allergies and too many encounters to count.