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"Five Reasons I Love the Canucks": Coming soon to Nucks Misconduct

Those of you regularly read Puck Daddy are no doubt familiar with its regular "Five Reasons [blank] Loves Hockey" feature, in which a notable hockey personality lists the five biggest reasons for their passion for the sport. I have thought for some time now that a modified version of this feature could make a cool addition to Nucks Misconduct, as we have at this blog a diverse range of fans of different ages, genders, home-towns and backgrounds - each with their own reasons for cheering for the Vancouver Canucks, and each part of the broader fan community that is this blog.

I for one am very interested to learn more about why and how you all have come to be fans, and so my hope is that "Five Reasons I Love the Canucks" can become a semi-regular feature at Nucks Misconduct, a feature in which you have the opportunity to share your diehard passion with your fellow community-members. I will kick things off tomorrow with the inaugural "Five Reasons...", and some of the other regulars will likely chip in with their lists in the coming weeks.

If you would like to participate and submit your own list, please email it (along with any appropriate accompanying pictures) to Sean or Yankee, whose emails are listed at the bottom of the site. Please remember to be respectful and show at least a reasonable amount of human decency - other than that, use your creativity and draw on your own unique experiences to make your list. I hope you all are interested in participating and that you enjoy this feature!