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Calling all gamers! Win a copy of NHL ’11 in a Nucks Misconduct online tournament


First order of business: My sincerest apologies for sullying this beautiful website with a picture of Patrick Kane. It's what the banner looks like, and I couldn't do anything about it.

Second order of business: Want to win a free copy of NHL 11? Yeah, I know you do. Read on.

Nucks Misconduct has been approach by RivalSpot, a company that runs online tournaments for EA Sports games on the Xbox/PS3. They are interested in partnering with us to set up a tournament for NM readers, so we are trying to gauge the interest in this possibility. You may have seen something similar over at Pensblog and Pension Plan Puppets - it's a pretty sweet idea, and gives our NM community a chance to take out our frustrations in virtual fisticuffs rather than in rants in the comment section. Seriously though, for the gamers out there, this is a cool opportunity to play some NHL with your fellow NMers and maybe win a wicked prize.

If you click on Mr. Kane above, you can set up an account with RivalSpot and register for a FREE Nucks Misconduct tournament. If enough people register to fill the tournament, the ultimate winner of will win a copy of NHL '11, compliments of RivalSpot. If we pull off a successful tourney there is the possibility of stepping it up and having paid tournaments.

The long term vision is to have the champions from various blogs face off against each other for prizes, eternal gaming glory, and (likely) your name in lights at the top of a Nucks Misconduct sidebar. But for this to happen we need to gauge interest and try to get an initial tournament up and running. Here's what to do if you're interested:

1. Click the banner to register with RivalSpot - this will tell us if know if we have enough interest to run this thing. You DO NOT need to deposit money to register. It is free and you can play at least this initial tournament for absolutely no cost.

2. Post in the comments: a) Your system of choice (Xbox and PS3 only - sorry, sadly no Sega Genesis); and b) what days/times you are available to play (use Pacific Standard Time so we're all on the same page, and keep it general).

3. Fire me an email or use the comments if you want further clarification about any of this.

Finally, in light of recent happenings in the world of hockey reportage, I would like to add that the general outline for this post was loosely borrowed from Pension Plan Puppets, which either created it itself or provided an original translation from the initial Czech posting. I kid, I kid. But don't you dare compare me to James Fuller or I will rip your head off.