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Summer Fill: Get To Know Them There Bruins

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Every summer the SBN NHL bloggy heads pair up with a team in the other conference and we get to ask a few questions about a team we rarely see. That's a lie actually, we didn't do it last year. But when we saw we were paired up with the Boston Bruins this year - and their SBN home Stanley Cup of Chowder - we jumped at the chance to speak with a team that also has an interesting jersey history.

After the jump a closer look at Boston's playoff exit and what this season holds for players from Tyler Seguin to Tim Thomas. And to think we did it all without asking one Cam Neely question. Nope. Not one. Water under the bridge...cough...sniffle...I've got hungry eyes I feel the magic between you and I...

NM: Neither Vancouver or Boson fans want to dwell on the second round of last year's playoffs. Heading into 2011, what takeaways do the Bruins have after their meltdown against Philly?

SCOC: I guess the biggest thing is learning that playoff series are best-of-7 and not best-of-5. That and learning not to stay on the ice after you skate to the bench and call for a change. I think everyone around here just wants to forget about that series and move on.

NM: Boston seems fairly deep down the middle with David Krejci and Patrice Bergeron. Now that you have Tyler Seguin under the ELC, do you foresee him cracking the top nine, cutting his teeth in Providence or sticking around Plymouth?

SCOC: Most fans think that Tyler Seguin will crack the top nine, but not as a center. The plan right now according to Claude Julien is to have Seguin play wing, but "nothing is set in stone". Since Seguin is under 20 years old and came from a CHL team, he is not allowed to play in AHL, so it will either be the NHL or Plymouth. I think he would benefit most from playing in Providence, but that isn't an option. I just hope the kid is ready.

NM: Thomas had his difficulties and represents a sizable cap hit for the next three seasons. Unless he retires (which doesn't help you cap wise at his age) what do you think the best options for the B's are in net? Can Thomas still help the team or is it firmly Rask's team now?

SCOC: Tuukka's time is now. Tim Thomas says that he is completely healed from off-season hip surgery and ready to compete for the #1 spot, but I think the job is firmly in the grasps of Tuukka Rask. Thomas will still get a decent amount of starts and could potentially serve as a veteran mentor to Rask, but a $5 million per year cap hit is a lot to pay for an aging back-up goalie. My other concern is that Thomas has come off a bit bitter since he has taken a seat at the end of the bench. If Thomas is really as bitter has he appears, I'm not sure he is someone that I want in the room. I was hoping they could move him and his contract this off-season. According to reports, Thomas wouldn't waive his no-trade clause, but I'm not sure how much of a market their was for him and his contract.

NM: The Bruins signed Nathan McIver away from Vancouver this summer. In 36 games with the Canucks, McIver never made a strong impact. Is he another guy bound for Providence or can you see him helping out at the NHL level?

SCOC: I think it is pretty safe to assume Nathan McIver will be riding buses and sipping on coffee milk in Rhode Island, but we could see him used as a call-up at times this year.

NM: Boston was dead last in scoring last season (2.39 goals per game). Did Peter Chiarelli do his job this summer to address this or will the Bruins struggle on offense for another year?

SCOC: It was nice to see that he did something to improve their scoring punch with the Nathan Horton signing. Whether or not Horton is the answer remains to be seen. After seeing Chiarelli do nothing at the deadline, it was nice to see him make a move to improve the club in the off-season.


Thanks to Chowdah for his answers and, if you want to get a closer look at the Bruins, circle the last Saturday in February (2/26 for the calendar impaired) since that's when Seguin and the gang hit up GM Place Rogers Arena.