The "Where Will Niemi End Up" Game

Ok so we all know by now that the Hawks have cut Antti Niemi loose and signed Marty Turco. Which makes Niemi a UFA, with potentially a whole host of different places he could end up. So where will he end up?

Let's make our predictions everyone! And to increase the possibilities, I'll add two subcategories:

1. What team?

2. For MORE, the SAME (give or take $100,000), or LESS than the $2.75 cap hit that Chicago walked away from? You could even guess a dollar figure here if you like, but under the official rules you just need to pick one of the three categories.

3. How many years will the contract be for?

For the winner, there's no set prize yet, but I presume Sean will donate money to some charity thing or something or other in your name. Or maybe send you a DVD or something. You discuss it with him, but clearly he'll owe you something.

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