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More Brothers: Bill Sweatt Joins Lee Sweatt for Vancouver

TORONTO - JUNE 1:  Bill Sweatt poses for a portrait during the 2007 NHL Combine on June 1, 2007 at the Park Plaza Hotel in Toronto, Canada.  (Photo by: Claus Anderson/Getty Images)

According to a Tweet from Norton Sports Management in Chicago left winger Bill Sweatt has joined his older brother Lee in Vancouver. No official word yet, but since the interweb and its series of tubs (RIP senator) mores quicker than the MSM, just keep refreshing capgeek if you want the confirmation.

Who is Bill Sweatt you ask? He lead Colorado College is scoring last season, was a second round pick for Chicago in 2007 (ahead of such blokes like T. J. Galiardi and Wayne Simmonds) and most recently had his rights traded to Toronto in the Versteeg deal. Burke cut him loose when it sounds like dealing with his agent may have become a headache. Sweatt was also linked to the St. Louis Blues in recent days.

Here's a pretty sweet rant that puts Bill in less than flattering light (otherwise known as R.J. Umberger land).

The business of hockey aside, here's a HF take on Bill Sweatt back in 2008 with the Hawks:

Chicago’s top prospect there is Colorado College player Bill Sweatt. Sweatt has registered 53 points in his first two seasons (67 games) at Colorado College. Sweatt’s remarkable speed, along with his talent to remain in control at top flight, is what stands out the most. He also possesses good decision-making skills, sharp vision and supple hands, all of which make him a quality playmaker.

Sweatt knows how to play in his own end as well, as he has improved his defensive awareness and has become an effective penalty killer. Chicago needs more weapons on the left side and could use another defensively-conscious player, as the team’s penalty-killing unit ranked 17th in the league last season. As a result, Sweatt might be able to eventually fill two voids at once.

If you'd like a more dated piece on Sweat, here's a wordy HF overview of him from 2007, including:

Bill Sweatt can flat out fly. However, what sets Sweatt apart from so many other speedsters in the collegiate ranks, rookies or otherwise, is his ability to make plays at high speeds. He also has great acceleration with the ability to get up to the so-called "fourth gear" very quickly.

He'll sign the standard ELC and end up with the Moose this fall, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, let the sweat jokes begin.