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August 19 Open Ice

34 days from now the Canucks will kick open the preseason doors with a game against the Flames. If you prefer, that's about 816 hours, 48,960 minutes or 2,937,600 seconds. Not that we're counting.

  • Sean covered some updates on Wellwood and Mitchell. The Mitchell timetable for a decision remains towards the end of the week or the weekend; Vancouver remains in the mix, but the front runners are the Kings, Caps and Sharks.
  • Clearly it was Manny Malhotra Wednesday. I posted this over at Canucks Army, then had a video interview with him and Derek Jory had some thoughts and lastly Hosea Cheung posted an article too.
  • If you still care to ponder the impossible, the NHL is still investigating Luongo's contract.
  • Can Guillaume Desbiens make the cut this season?
  • Sad News: The Canucks sent condolences to the family of Dan Savage who wore #16 for Trevor Linden
  • Sad News #2: Former referee Lloyd Gilmour died yesterday. He refereed the first Canucks game in 1970 and was well respected by folks from Jim Robson to Orland Kurtenbach.
  • Vladimir Bure (Pavel's dad) has returned home to work with CSKA Moscow.
  • Reminder: Laser pointers still suck.
  • Want the skinny on the upcoming season from THN? From The Rink has you covered (again what are those locust swarms doing outside my window at this hour?)
  • The NHL Development camp provides some hilarious photos.
  • The Copper and Blue take a look at the concept of the top nine (known around here as the Hordichuk effect).
  • Depth signings: The Panthers add Andrew Peters and Freddy Meyer inks a deal with Atlanta.
  • Off topic: mascot down. I repeat, we have a mascot down
  • Off topic: this doesn't make me want to have a banana and this doesn't make me want to have a birthday.

Today's question: We all love Burrows, but looking around the NHL, who would make the best winger to compliment the Sedins and why?