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Updates On Mitchell and Wellwood

Willie Mitchell has returned to Vancouver after visiting Washington and the Capitals. According to Jason Botchford of The Province, there are reports that the Kings already have an offer on the table. No word on the Capitals' thoughts yet. The Canucks are remaining cautious with Willie and want him to participate in more rigorous drills at training camp to know for sure that his concussion symptoms are eradicated. This may drag out for a few weeks yet. More on Mitchell here.

As for Kyle Wellwood, well, his phone isn't ringing all that much. Wellwood told the Vancouver Sun that he believes he can play in the NHL but if all else fails Europe is an option. Here's what he said about his time in Vancouver:

"I was certainly happy that I got to play there. They gave me a chance coming out of Toronto where I hadn't played well and hadn't done the things I needed to do to play in the NHL and they gave me a chance to prove myself for two straight years. I am grateful for the patience they had with me."

Best of luck, Woody. More on him here.