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August 15th Open Ice

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The Willie Mitchell / Kevin Bieksa watch enters its 46th day of deliberation and nothing yet on the horizon. In the meantime, Luongo can't catch a beach ball and some Mt. Puckmore & Suckmore to snack on.

  • Mitchell is still homeless. Bieksa is still a Canuck. And Leon is getting laaaaarger...
  • Interesting tidbit in a story about Paul Vincent, Chicago's skating coach:

    One of his go-to guys was Sharp. Together, they went through different scenarios and visualized on-ice situations.

    "I’d say, ‘OK, tonight we’re playing [Roberto] Luongo. Tell me what you see Luongo doing in the game,’ ’’ Vincent said. "He’d go, ‘He’s big. He doesn’t really catch the puck well. He kind of punches it.’

    "So he’s what we’d call a second-chance goaltender. We can beat him on that second-chance opportunity. So he’d shoot the puck where he would put it on Luongo, then I’d feed him one right away, and he’d go back upstairs or something.

  • The KB guys got to do Puck Daddy's Mt. Puckmore for Vancouver. Interesting final selection.
  • On the flip side, in case you missed Skeeter's Mt. Suckmore for the Canucks, go now.
  • If Kaberle is indeed moved before midnight tonight, it will mean " of the top 10 point-getters from last season’s dismal Maple Leafs team are gone: Kaberle was second on the team in points, Alexei Ponikarovsky third, Matt Stajan fourth, Niklas Hagman seventh, Lee Stempniak ninth and Jason Blake 10th"
  • No explanation needed: Bobby Orr with Bert and Ernie. Rock on.
  • Off topic: As if you needed another reason to visit France?
  • Off topic: I've often wondered this...

May as well round out the west: who wins the Northwest Division in 2010-2011?