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August 14th Open Ice

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I hope everyone had a delightful Friday the 13th. Bonus points if you didn't wake up with an axe wedged in your skull.

  • Vancouver is sixth in Sports Illustrated's Offseason Rankings, trailing Washington, Chicago, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and San Jose. Meh.
  • Want more predictions? THN doesn't think Vancouver will finish in the cellar of the West. But bad news for Michael Grabner and Steve Bernier...
  • Speaking of rankings, THN also released their yearbook yesterday and that includes the top ten players in the league. That Art Ross / Hart Trophy guy is sixth, behind Crosby, Ovechkin, Miller, Datsyuk and Toews.
  • Oh yeah, they also did this. In related news I see storm clouds and locust swarms on the horizon.
  • Speaking of the Art Ross / Hart Trophy guy, this blog tried to find the best shooter in the NHL. Mike Knuble ruled the day (!), but Hank ranked high next to him in three categories. Brother Daniel, however, did not. Also they don't think Sammy can pot 30 goals again and reached a similar conclusion many share in our world: "Alexandre Burrows might be the biggest bargain in the NHL at just $2M he plays physical, has a great shot and scores goals."
  • Sifting through the CDC threads and I stumbled on a fan-made pair of Canucks shoes. Pass or fail?
  • Canada and the US in the final. Again.
  • Off topic, disrespect Dolph Lundgren at your own peril.
  • Also off topic, a glass of bacon

Today's question - Who will win the Central Division in 2010-2011: Marty's Hawks or Modano's Wings? Damn that's weird to write...