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Open Ice August 12

The eyes, ears, mind and balls of Mike Modano
The eyes, ears, mind and balls of Mike Modano

Good morning peeps! Another hot day here in Smithers BC. The drought continues. The fire ban continues. Damn! So what's happening on the NHL?

-Flames sign Craig Conroy to a 1-year 2-way deal worth $500,000. Any surprises left in Conroy at 38 years of age? Probably not. Word out of Sweden is that Staffan Kronwall wants to play in back in his home country rather than Calgary this year.

-Chris Pronger injured his knee in the Flyers' opening game against the Bruins in last year's playoffs. The injury is still bothering him. He may miss training camp and the start of the season. Hate him all you want, he's a beast.

-Where has Eric Belanger signed? RDS and Le Soleil continually report that he has signed with a team but won't reveal who because the team is currently involved in a transaction. This story has amused some people on Twitter over the past 24 hours, with some wondering if he was signed by Vancouver. Yeah, like we need another top 9 center. RDS reports today that it's down to Washington or Toronto. File this under: nobody gives a shit.

-Tomas Kaberle expects to be traded by Sunday, as his no trade clause kicks in on Monday, but there are no guarantees.Hell, the Leafs are making the playoffs anyways, so you may as well stay there, Tomas!

-Puck Daddy weighs in on the Canucks fans varying opinions of Roberto Luongo.

-Oh the quick rise but extended fall of Fernando PisaniHe can't find an NHL home. Do NOT overpay players who have one miracle playoff run. Do not overpay a guy who's name is an ABBA song. (I kid).

-Henrik Zetterberg recently married Emma Anderson to the dismay of many a man worldwide. Pics of the event here. Also, Tomas Holmstrom told the Swedish paper that he thinks the Red Wings will go "all the way" this coming season. Yeah, because having Bertuzzi and adding Mike Modano puts you over the top... 

-Speaking of old news and ol' Modano, about a week ago Mikey told the press:

"I think it was more so on my wife's radar than anything,'' Modano said. "She wanted me to go play, and especially in Detroit to kind of shove it up everybody's ... you know.

That was her precise words and she felt it was a great opportunity to do that in Detroit and loved the Red Wings and knew it was one of our rivals. She felt going in there and having the chance to play with good players was a real good opportunity."

 Yay? Haha? All I know is Modano is a Wing so he is more dead to me than he already was. This wouldn't hurt my feelings all that much if history repeated itself. But then, I'm cruel.

-The question of the day is brought to you by Yankee Canuck: Who will win the Pacific Division in 2010-11?