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Naslund Responds To Jersey Retirement Honor



"I felt humble and proud. Getting a phone call like that means a lot."

On Hank: "I've seen the potential all along, its been the maturity that's gotten him to this point. I'm proud and happy for him".

On his time in Vancouver: "We had a bunch of guys that were the same age that grew up together, we created a strong personal bond"

On leaving Van: "it ended up being the right thing... i had a chance to go to a team that wanted me, gave me a new view"


-Has known about this for a while. This honor was a surprise to him. The event may feel a bit awkward but he is looking forward to it. Coming to Vancouver initially felt like a fresh start and a "make it or break it" for him. It was a rocky start to his NHL career. Maturity is what got him to start scoring. Talked about Mike Keenan being intimidating and hard to play under. When Pavel Bure held out Markus got more playing time and his production increased.

-At times Naslund thinks about what could have been in the 2002-03 playoffs.

-Henrik gets a lot of recognition back home in Sweden.

-Still talks to Mattias Ohlund and is glad he will be there for the ceremony

-Has no hard feelings towards the Canucks organization on how everything transpired when he left.

-No more pro hockey for him. He will not play for Modo.

Did you miss the interview? You wanna hear it? Check it out here.