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Canucks' Summer Summit Recap

This was formerly known as the "State of the Franchise" event. At 7:00 PST tonight season ticket holders will be asking Mike Gillis and Co any questions they feel like at Roger's Arena. You can watch it LIVE here. (By the way, that link currently gives you a live feed of the Prospects Camp.) If you miss it, I will do my damned best to recap what is said / announcements. Rumored:

-announcement of when Markus Naslund's tribute might take place

-a new 3rd jersey? A new game jersey? Or....just a new jersey patch for the upcoming 40th anniversary season?

-formal announcements of the new Canucks signings?

-an introduction to the new Canucks captain? Don't bank on it.

**OK, here we go!***

-John Shorthouse co-hosting with Jim Robson

-The Panel: Victor deBonis, Mike Gillis, Stan Smyl, and a vacant seat....

-a review of the 2009-10 season (video). Touching.

-Shorty: "Seasons like this don't come around every year." In reference to club wins records...Hank's achievements, etc

-MG: Felt bad for a week after losing...haha. Went on the radio and explained to everybody they felt. Did a state of the union and explained to everybody how bad they felt. And now they are live in GM Place and they are telling everybody how bad they feel.

-MG: A lot of great individual accomplishments from players. But felt that defence was an area the Canucks had to improve. Needed more depth.

-MG: Canucks had 4 distinct plans heading into July 1. Option A was great. Happy about getting Keith Ballard. Satisfied. Said Ballard plays the game fast and is a very physical player. Hammer is a BC guy and the Canucks wanted more kids from the west on the team. In the same mold as Ballard. Hammer is better looking than the Watson brothers...haha

Malhotra is a wonderful guy. In NYC years back, MG saw some Rangers players at a place, Malhotra gave a homeless woman some $$ and that impressed Gillis.

-deBonis talks Italians in the World Cup of soccer. Blah blah..keep reading for more on the event..

-deBonis talks about Rogers and GM and blah, blah blah shift in focus blah blah, Rogers understands sports and hockey and want to make the fan experience better blah blah

-Smyl in regards to prospects: all about development now in the cap world.

-Ring of Honour.  Markus Naslund's #19 will be retired. 40 stories of Canucks lore from over 40 years to be revealed this anniversary season.

-Orland Kurtenbach, the first ever Canucks captain occupies the vacant 4th chair. 50th wedding anniversary for him. Congrats Bach! He will be the first Canuck honored in the Ring of Honour year-long tribute.

-Gillis calls Naslund's jersey retirement a "no-brainer". Pavel Bure's number? Gillis hesitates. No decision made. Canucks will continue to evaluate candidates for jersey retirement

-This guy came up with the original stick in rink logo:


-Gillis remains tight-lipped about the Canucks captaincy. Roberto Luongo is still the team captain. They will meet later in the summer with Luongo to take into consideration on whether or not the expectations are too high for him to be captain...DAMN

-deBonis: if there is a chance for Canucks to show games without the PPV bullshit then they will make it happen. In other words: don't f*cking bank on it.

-Smyl: players from American Collegiate say that they would love to play in hockey-mad BC, those are the players they look for.

-Plan B: Dan Hamhuis and Manny Malhotra are introduced!


-Sez Dan: lots of options on July 1 but very thrilled to be a Canuck. 

-A draw takes get autographed jersey


Malhotra and Hamhuis draw winning tickets.

-Policy of trading for Russian-born players: MG: no policy. There is a big risk of losing players to KHL, but it's dependent on personality. Canucks are going to stick with Western kids than Russians

-Possiblity of Willie returning? MG: All concerned about his health. Will be patient with him, and when he says he is ready the Canucks will discuss his future with the organization.

-Why do Canucks have a lame intro to games? MG: "I'd rather have a hockey team!" AHAHAHA

-Will Canucks sign Raymond? MG: "YES"

-Did MG consider making a play for Byfuglien? MG: He's a player on another team so I can't discuss it. He's in Atlanta so we'll never see him again" haha

-Hodgson to make Canucks? MG: "If he doesn't make the team he'll be playing in Manitoba"

-Mike finished wheeling and dealing? Bieksa? MG: "We'll deal with cap issues. Nothing is intended to happen this summer." Cop out!

-MG: Guys that are playing well will get the most ice time. Confident that Burrows is ahead of schedule.

-Looking to add big and tough BC player to team for 3rd line? MG: "Like Byfuglien?" haha. If a player becomes available rest assured the Canucks will look at that player.

-A fan asks about smoking, because we are persecuted. No solid answer from deBona.

-Another guy asks Hamhuis who gets to wear #2: him or Ballard? Dan refers to the arm wrestling match.

-Wellwood? MG: Exploring free agent market. Hopeful he'll find a place. He was a really good player for the Canucks" = he's gone

-Will Robson do another play by play game? Robson: "No. Retired is retired"

-Comfortable with Schneider? "MG: will try to get one more goaltender". For the Moose, that is.

That's it.