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Five Hole for Food Is Here


The end of this week marks the Vancouver leg of the Five Hole for Food charity drive. If you haven't seen or heard about the event, it's the brain child of Richard Loat - aka mozy19 - from the Canucks Hockey Blog. So far he's driven from Montreal to Vancouver playing road hockey and raising food for local food banks. The event has made pit stops along the way in Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary and Edmonton. As you can tell from the header, the Victoria stop is tomorrow and the Vancouver finale is Friday. 

It's a great charity idea that we're happy to point in your direction. Also they're sponsored by both booze (Molson Canadian) and junk food (Boston Pizza) both of which - along with hockey - have helped Sean and I get this far in life.

If you're near either Victoria or the city, you can head on out and play with the group which means you could potentially face off against Richard Brodeur, the celebrity ambassador for the event. Additionally, for the Vancouver game, you'll see a trifecta of mascots as Jack the Giant (Giants), Hawkey (Abbotsford Heart) and FIN will be on hand. Not sure if they'll be handing out the beer or the pizza.

All you need is a can of food and a hockey stick if you want, so if you have the time head on out and have fun for those of us who can't. For more information, hit up the links below:

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