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Vancouver Canucks Go Homeless. For A Few Hours. Before Rogers Arena Saves Them And Bores Us.

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Got a couple million dollars to spare?
Got a couple million dollars to spare?

Update: Via a Tweet from the White Towel: "Rogers Arena deal is for 10 years. Expect lots of wireless fun at hockey games. Bring your iPad."

Update: Rogers Arena. Is that any worse than Telus Arena would have been? Or GM Place was? Pamela Anderson Coliseum FTW.

Update: The Globe says the winner is Rogers Communication, though the official arena name is coming shortly. Meh.


Well this is fun. Also welcome news to long suffering fans who had to call their home a garage or - as Moe from the Simpsons says - the car hole (or car hold if Moe could enunciate a bit better!).

GM Place is no more. Opting to focus more on "in-arena" promotions, the humbled auto giant will relinquish corporate naming rights of the arena and a new sponsor will be named at a 2:00 PM news conference. The same conference will also likely mention several promotions (get ready to here Markus Naslund's name again) for the upcoming 40th anniversary season.

Back to where the Canucks call home. For the next five hours or so it's just a place. Care to suggest what the new corporate sponsor should be? I already saw the Pamela Anderson Coliseum being tweeted...that's a step in the right direction.