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Tweet Against The Machine


You may have heard about this Twitter thing. I'm not sure it's hip anymore; my mom asked me if she "should do the twitter" a few months ago and I almost had blood squirt out my eyes. If that's not jumping the proverbial social shark, I don't know what is.


But you good looking, web savvy folks have probably dabbled in it and know the score: it's a great place to go and find out inane thoughts from total strangers about what they ate, what's on television, what traffic pattern they're stuck in, what boring meeting they're trapped in, what intimate details about their life they shouldn't be sharing, topics that cannot be explained in 140 characters and - my favorite - the "I don't know what to tweet" tweet.


On the flip side, it's also the fastest way to learn about something, especially for breaking news (validity of that news is always subject to debate). As the Canucks barrel into the final hockey-free month of the summer and still have plenty to figure out with their cap problems, it's an ideal time to string together some folks to follow that will share the most accurate news or give you an glimpse into the NHL from a player or media perspective. Chances are you already know them all:

Vancouver Blogs Vancouver Media Vancouver Players Official Sources General NHL Blogs NHL Insiders
@nucksmisconduct (aww shucks) @BotchonCanucks @trevor_linden @vancanucks @wyshynski @TSNBobMcKenzie
@canuckshockey @sportsnetmurph @Ryan_Kesler @TC_Carling @KUKLASKORNER @DarrenDreger
@camdavie @kurtenblog
@reidder @SpectorsHockey @tsnjamesduthie
@CanucksCorner @hosea24hours
@andrewbucholtz @gutsmctavish24


You can follow the personal accounts of some of your NM writers - @SeanZandberg, @missy_canucks, @NM_WAACHCast, @smoboy, @nucksandpucks - and SBN obviously has a slew of great writers to follow per team of any sport (track 'em all down here).

I'm sure we missed plenty of other accounts that are worth following. Drop 'em in the comments and we'll update accordingly. Also feel free to share the accounts you like the best - interesting perspectives, really informative, whatever - but a bonus if they're funny as hell.