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The Death Of Canucks PPV: Broadcasts Shift To Sportsnet One

13 Canucks games will air on the new Sportsnet One channel as the team and Rogers have come to a new 3-year agreement. We used to "have to" shell out over $13 for those games on Canucks pay-per-view and endure waiting on the phone to order, technical difficulties, repetitious player profile-history segments between periods. The question now is: will this channel magically appear on your satellite channel list? Well, it may appear there but it won't necessarily be free. I don't have an answer to that question. I would guess that one may have to purchase the channel separately. Depends on what package you have I suppose. Hell, if I have to shell out a few bucks per month to purchase it as an add-on it's still cheaper than what Canucks PPV offered. I won't even talk about ATDHE or Justin TV because you know that I know that you know...

Bad news for many: those 13 games on SPac1 will be regional; only available to viewers in BC and the Yukon.

All 58 games on Sportsnet will stream online at and All other games will be on TSN and CBC.

Sportsnet One will launch August 14.