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Dan Hamhuis on his new number, fighting Burrows and hearing Salo's injury

Free agent big ticket Dan Hamhuis was on the 100.5 The Peak on Friday for a segment called "Five In The Box"  where they peppered him for a few minutes on various topics:

If you don't feel like watching, here are the highlights:

> Officially wearing #2 for Vancouver (somewhere Alix is punching a wall). The front office did debate on the Ohlund factor, but went ahead with the decision anyway.

> Side discussion between the DJ's about retiring Naslund's number and what number Cody Hodgson should wear. References to Cloutier's #39 are indeed talked about.

> He was confident he was signing with Pittsburgh, but wanted to look into free agency. San Jose was in the mix too. By July 1st, Pittsburgh moved on and Vancouver became the front runner: "couldn't imagine being anywhere else."

> Hasn't personally spoken to any of the roster players from last year, but did run into Manny Malhotra while house shopping.

> Talked about the Summer Summit / season ticket holder party where he and Malhotra answered questions from fans. Said there's a big difference in the media exposure between Nashville and Vancouver, but that Nashville has a solid fan base/season ticket holders.

> Details his personal rivalry with the Blackhawks which developed while in Nashville (see hipcheck heaven here). Even though he's gone, Hamhuis knows Dustin Byfuglien was a thorn in Vancouver's side and said he was a "big boy" to deal with in front of the net. Despite their off season moves, Hamhuis believes it'll still be a "great battle" when the teams meet.

> Best team building event he's taken part in was during the past few seasons in Nashville where the team went to Fort Campbell and did a boot camp with "The Night Stalkers", a special ops force of the US Army. Got to shoot machine guns at the end - and who wouldn't love that? - especially for a guy like Shea Weber who apparently plays a lot of first person shooters in his free time.

> On getting to know Luongo's type of game: "It's going to take a little bit of time....hopefully the transition will be smooth...will have to brush up on his French a bit." Big thing for Hamhuis is how the goalie moves the puck; in Nashville Pekka Rinne moved the puck well, Luongo not so much.

> Hamhuis first hears about Sami Salo's injury: "Is that for real? No way." Classic. "That guy has had some tough luck."

> On fighting Alex Burrows last season (video here) and being teammates now: "I don't think we'll forget about [the fight]. I think I could have done better." Sometimes fighting makes players better teammates down the road; Hamhuis said he fought Vern Fiddler in juniors and then played 8 years with him, being best friends the whole time.

> In EA Sports NHL '11 Hamhuis was rated 82 last season; will he get a "Vancouver bump" to 86?

> Had his second baby right before the Olympics, so he watched Canada take the gold at home in his living room. Had to put the baby down so she didn't fly across the room when he got excited (that's a joke folks). It may have been a touchy subject with Weber and Ryan Suter back in Nashville when the Gold Medal game was over.

> Prefers the left side on defense.

One recommendation for the Peak 100.5 folks: move the studio camera so we can see the visitor next time. Just a thought; it beats staring at the DJ's head.

Glove tap to "One&onlyCanucks" at CDC for the find.