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July 22 Frozen Squid

Waiting to hear about Hansen..... (via <a href=""></a>)
Waiting to hear about Hansen..... (via

The front page was getting a little bland with all the fanshots, so it was about time I did a story-format post again.  I call this "Frozen Squid" because I'm giving links and an open thread (basically combining "A Bit of Squid" with "Open Ice").

  • Added (12:06 PM): Blackhawks have traded Marty Reasoner to the Panthers for Jeff Taffe.
  • Today, we get to hear what Jannik Hansen gets from arbitration, and whether the Canucks accept or walk away.  and as VanCi showed in the comments on this thread, the Canucks have to accept it if it's under $1.61M.  UPDATE (11:06 AM): TSN's James Duthie reports: "$825,000 arb result for Hansen, for all of your salary arbitration pools"
  • From Chesnokov: "Former Oilers forward Robert Nilsson confirmed he joined Salavat Yulaef of the KHL."
  • Grant Clitsome, our man with the best name to make fun of (remember that gamethread?), re-signs with the Blue Jackets for another year.
  • The Flyers re-sign Darroll Powe for another year.  They also re-sign Matt Clackson and David Laliberte.
  • The Thrashers re-sign goalie Ondrej Pavelec to a 2-year deal.
  • Open thread topic: What is the funniest mistake you ever made?