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UFA Day 2 Open Thread: Set The Juice Loose?

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After a big start yesterday, Vancouver should be quiet today unless the rumors about an impending Kevin Bieksa trade come true. Latest rumors are to Columbus, but other places like Los Angeles, Washington and San Jose could be calling as well.

If you catch any transactions, drop 'em in the comments and we'll update the thread accordingly.

  • John Scott - Two Years, Chicago
  • Sheldon Souray - Waivers (*snicker*)
  • Cody McCormick - One Year, Buffalo
  • Mark Eaton - Two Years, Long Island
  • Christopher Higgins - One Year, Florida
  • Cody McCormick - One Year, Edmonton
  • Jason Strudwick - One Year, Edmonton
  • Dany Sabourin - One Year, Washington
  • Pavel Kubina - Two years, Atlanta Tampa Bay
  • Tim Jackman - Two years, Calgary
  • Raitis Ivanans - Two years, Calgary

Lastly: Hup Hup Holland! That's right I said it.