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The "Where Will Kevin Bieksa End Up?" Game

We know it.

He knows it.

The safe bet is that Kevin Bieksa's career in Vancouver is over.

If cap realities were different, maybe he wouldn't be the sacrificial lamb. If it was possible to unload Salo or some of the pluggers off the books, Juice could be safe. If the problem was scoring or lack of firepower in the top six, different story. Such is life. Be thankful it's not Chicago's cap hell we're talking about.

Whether you like him as a player or not, he's a proven top four guy that several teams could use; so far he's been linked to the Blue Jackets, Sharks, Caps and now the Stars. Every morning seems to bring a new rumor while we wait, hoping for the best outcome, perhaps an asset for the farm or at least some financial cushion to get us back under the cap. The longer the summer goes on, the thought is the less flexibility Mike Gillis will have. The sooner we bid Bieksa a fond farewell, the better.

May as well make a game out of it right? Help set the Juice loose and get yourself a prize in the process.

The "Where Will Kevin Bieksa End Up" (WWKBEU) game is simple: drop in the comments where you think he ends up. You can be vague or specific, the prize will differ based on your guess:

  1. List the name of the team: $25 dollar gift certificate to the NHL Store
  2. List the team and picks involved: $50 dollar gift certificate to the NHL Store
  3. List the team and players/prospects involved: $100 dollar gift certificate to the NHL Store

Everyone can submit one guess per category, so three max per commenter (go public school math skills go!). If he gets moved for a player and a pick, then the winner with the closest correct guess will get bumped up to the $100 level. If you don't want the gift certificate (what, no need for an Anglo Oriental Spirit Rug?), we'll just donate the amount in your name to Canucks Place. Sound good?

Game's open to everyone, regardless of team affiliation. First one by the timestamp with the right answer wins and gets the official honor of cashing in on Bieksa's forced expulsion.

Good luck. May the Force be with you.