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Canucks Sign Dan Hamhuis!

Dan Hamhuis

Nashville Predators Vancouver Canucks



Dec 13, 1982

The Smithers boy comes home! Hamhuis fans in Smithers have been wishing for this day for a long time. There was talk about Hamhuis being reluctant to play in a freaky media organization, but he has obviously looked past that. A 6 year deal worth $4.5 million per season. TSN was saying he was offered more elsewhere but chose Vancouver. Now, that may seem like a big chunk of change, as he only scored 5 goals and 24 points in 78 games last season. But he can log over 22:00 per game. I think he is going to be given a bigger offensive role in Vancouver and his output will increase.

Has only missed 9 games in 6 NHL seasons.

His fave all-time player? Scott Stevens.

He was very active in the Nashville community. Soft-spoken, but can be a beast on the ice. Loves the hip check.

Around here his last name is pronounced Ham-hyoos

Now the fallout. This signing means another Canucks defender is going to be moved out. That may be Kevin Bieksa, who is in the final year of his contract and is not protected by a no-trade clause.


Hamhuis hip checks Byfuglien and then scores.

Hammer kills a Duck and then faces Kunitz.

Don't kiss, but make up, boys! Hammer fights Burrows

Hamhuis and Georges Laracque play road hockey with kids in Haiti at a recent fundraiser

Hammer decks Marleau