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A Few Canucks Links For Your Saturday

-Added* Are the Canucks in the mix for Ilya Kovalchuk? Dimitry Chesnokov from Puck Daddy thinks so. (h/t missy for the link)

-Added* Dan Hamhuis was on the Team 1040 a few days ago. The jist of what he said can be found here. I know a lot of Dan's family. I know that he has a lot of great things going on in Nashville that he would hate to leave. He's a family man who wants to settle down in one spot. I may try to land an interview with him soon. But it won't be about where he wants to play necessarily.

-Canucks' mascot Fin turned 9 yesterday (?) and had a birthday party at Canucks Place. Daniel and Henrik Sedin were there to chip in and celebrate. (

-Manitoba Moose coach Scott Arniel did not land the head coaching job for the Columbus Blue Jackets. It looks as though the coach of the Hamilton Bulldogs, Guy Boucher will be named the BJ's next coach. Not confirmed 100% yet as nobody in the Columbus party is commenting.

-Scratch Dennis Seidenberg off your free agent rosterbation list. The Bruins extended his contract today (4 more years at $13 million). (Bruins' Main Site)

-According to a neighbor, Willie Mitchell is signing his condo in Vancouver which means he's not getting re-signed, right? heheh. (CDC Forum)

-A couple days old, but, Cory Schneider is ready for a backup role with the Canucks. He said he has to be as good as Luongo. That shouldn't be hard. (runs away laughing). (The Province)

-Mike Gillis, Fransesco Acquilini and many others are participating in a 260 km biking trek from Vancouver to Seattle to raise money for cancer. You can donate to their cause here. On a long trek like that he'll have a lot of time to think about how he's going to get Mats Sundin back into a Canucks jersey. I kid.