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Who do you love and hate?

Recently, over at Battle of California, Megalodon (the Sharks moderator) asked the readers to give their top 3-5 most liked and most hated NHL teams.  He has posted their rather interesting results, and I felt compelled to try a similar experiment here at Nucks Misconduct.  They said "do it!", so here we go.

Your assignment is to go into the comments on this post and list your top 3-5 favourite teams, as well as your top 3-5 most despised teams (commentary optional).  Once I find there's enough data, I will figure out how Megalodon did the fancy graphs on Excel and post the results.  I will likely use the same method of ranking when compiling the results.  I will use my own rankings as an example:

Most Loved Teams:

1. Canucks (of course)
2. Capitals (yes, I'm an Ovie fan)
3. Coyotes (great team worthy of some support)
4. Maple Leafs (I think being at Pension Plan Puppets so much has influenced me)
5. Flyers (I think the playoffs are affecting this choice)

Most Hated Teams:

1. Flames (way too obvious)
2. Ducks (still haven't forgiven them for 2007)
3. Penguins (annoying)
4. Blackhawks (starting to piss me off)
5. Red Wings (just because it's the Scum)

If you want to see other examples for comments, check out what they had to say at BoC (some funny stuff in there, well worth a read).