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Canucks Give O'Brien, Raymond, Hansen And Glass Qualifying Offers

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So says Dan Murphy on Twitter. That is the same amount SOB was making last season. I'm pretty sure O'Brien is not going to go for that. That case will most likely go to arbitration. After that I think SOB is trade bait.

Edit: Matt Sekeres has just reported on Twitter that the Canucks have qualified the other 3 RFA's mentioned above as well.

**Update: The Canucks also gave qualifying offers to Mario Bliznak, Alex Bolduc, Eric Walsky and Sean Zimmerman.

More from Sekeres (and thanks missy): the dollar values for the qualifying offers for each player were:

Raymond: $708,000

O'Brien $1.6 million

Hansen: $605,000

Glass: $550,000

I am pretty sure that arguably all 4 players will seek more than that as all are eligible for arbitration.

OT: Keith Ballard was on the Team 1040 today. Here's the link to the audio.