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Henrik Sedin Wins Hart Trophy

Hank Sedin, Hart!

For the first time in Canucks' history a player has won the Hart Trophy as NHL MVP. Congrats to Hank on his monstrous season and for winning the Art Ross and Hart Trophies. It is a day that Canucks fans will never forget and it's a day we should celebrate. MVP!

The Hart voting was close. Hank had 894 points, Ovechkin had 834 and poor Crosby had 729.

-TSN's coverage of Hank accepting the award and a few of his comments. By the way, it's pronounced se-deen not sedden Guy Lafleur.

-Here is Hank's post event interview after winning the award.

-Hank highlights from 2009/10.

-Hank! Hank! Hank! (h/t Oarboar).

Henrik took a shot at brother Daniel after he accepted the award, saying: "There's no way you can tell me your the better player!" Or something like that.