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A Bit of Squid - We Need Some Updates

  • Update (15:18): The Sharks have made it clear that they will not resign Evgeni Nabokov.
  • Update: (14:52): Ryan Kesler is still pissed about the Canucks' round 2 loss. Plus he talks to the Province about the NHL Awards.
  • Update: (13:31): The bidding for Paul Henderson's infamous Summit Series jersey is now at $374,162. There are only 4.5 more hours left in the auction.
  • Update: (12:57): Tomas Plekanec's deal with the Habs is a 6 year deal averaging $5 million per season.
  • Update (12:38 PM): According to Bob McKenzie on Twitter the Canadiens have signed Tomas Plekanec to a 1 year deal worth about $5 million.
  • UPDATE (12:38 PM): According to Bob McKenzie on Twitter, Canucks have hired Rollie Melanson as their new goaltending coach, replacing Ian Clark, who couldn't be there all the time anyway.Melanson is a former Islanders goalie who won the Jennings trophy with Billy Smith in 1983, and he is also a former Canadiens goalie coach. (Wiki)
  • Scott Niedermayer is expected to announce his retirement this afternoon.  A press conference has been scheduled for 1:00 pm PST.
  • The new inductees for the Hockey Hall of Fame will be announced at 12:00 pm PST.  Will Pavel Bure make the cut?
  • Via Bob McKenzie a few minutes ago: "Looks like Nathan Horton to the Boston Bruins is a done deal. Working on details."  Will confirm.  UPDATE: Via McKenzie again, it's Horton and Gregory Campbell for Dennis Wideman, the 15th overall pick, and another draft pick.
  • Schedule for the 2010-2011 regular season is out.  Talk about it here.
  • TSN says the Blackhawks are looking to move Andrew Ladd, and believe that the Canucks are a top contender.  Sean has a fanshot up.
  • Rumours have it that Matt Cooke has signed on for 3 more years with the Penguins. Update: The deal is a cap hit of $1.8 million per season.
  • A few updates from yesterday:  Taylor Pyatt resigned in Phoenix, and the Sharks sent some guy to the Wild for a draft pick.
  • First Battle of California, then us, and now Lighthouse Hockey.  The Islanders blog is figuring out who they love and hate.
  • Added: The Oilers have just announced that Tom Renney will be their new coach, and that Pat Quinn will be a senior advisor.
  • Added: Pavol Demitra was involved in a car accident in Slovakia last night.  Here's the translated report.
  • Added: Via NHLConnected: "The NHL salary cap has been increased by 5% and the CBA extended to cover the 2011-12 season." (h/t to Twitchy)