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Canucks Preseason Schedule Announced has just released the schedule for the Canucks preseason:

Tuesday September 21st: Canucks @ Flames, 6:00 pm PST *

Tuesday September 21st: Flames @ Canucks, 7:00 pm PST *

Wednesday September 22nd: Oilers @ Canucks, 7:00 pm PST

Saturday September 25th: Ducks @ Canucks, 7:00 pm PST

Sunday September 26th: Canucks @ Oilers, 5:00 pm PST

Tuesday September 28th: Sharks @ Canucks, 7:00 pm PST

Wednesday September 29th: Canucks @ Sharks, 7:30 pm PST

Friday October 1st: Canucks @ Ducks, 7:00 pm PST

* The Canucks and Flames will split their squads in half and play two games at the same time, with one game in Calgary and the other in Vancouver.

Regular season schedule will be released tomorrow.

UPDATE: A Thrashers blog got a hold of a list which shows the regular season home openers for each team.  The Canucks host the Kings on Saturday October 9th to kick off the season at GM Place.  I'm assuming this will be our first game of the regular season, because the only team who plays us in their home opener is the Ducks on the 13th.