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The Legend Of Former Canuck Craig Coxe

Anyone that knows the name Craig Coxe often mentions another NHL player's name soon after: Bob Probert. The 2 fights the 2 enforcers had are often labeled the best tilts in NHL history. Here they are:

November 11, 1985

Impressive! That, according to Wikipedia, was the first time Bob Probert fought in the NHL. He would soon become the Undisputed NHL Champ.

Pretty tough to top that one, right? Well...

November 19, 1987


Classic stuff. Straight out brawling. But there are a couple of facts about Coxe that maybe you didn't know about.

-He was drafted by the Red Wings in the 4th round in 1982. He never played for them and was signed as a free agent by the Canucks in June of 1984.

-In the 1991 expansion draft, Coxe was claimed by the San Jose Sharks. He scored the first goal in Sharks franchise history against who? The Vancouver Canucks.

-Coxe only played 235 regular season games in the NHL but amassed 713 penalty minutes.

For more on Coxe, check out his Wiki page, his career stats at Hockey, and his career NHL fight cards at