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Friday Night Around The NHL

Underwoodfishersmash_medium-Ryan P. from Red Light Hockey Hockey Blog asked me a few Canuck questions this week. It was a part of a "30 team blogger questions in 30 days feature. Great idea!  I did the best I could. makes it's case for Crosby, Ovechkin and Henrik Sedin winning the Hart trophy. Cool stat from that article: Out of Alexandre Burrows' 35 goals scored this past season, Hank assisted on 23 of them.

-The Blues keep making adjustments. Today they hired former Canucks goalie Corey Hirsch as their goaltending coach. Don't teach Halak that stand-up style, Corey! It doesn't work anymore!

-There are some great blooper clips at from 2009-10, including Mikael Samuelsson's flutter shot over Steve Mason. Haha, do that again, Sammy.

-Today the NHL competition committee agreed on a new rule where referees will call major penalties on players who deliver hits to the head. The NHL's board of governors will have the final say on whether or not this rule passes....and they will pass it. Does this rule count if Semin slaps somebody?

-Sergei Fedorov faces foreclosures on 2 homes in Bloomfield Hill outside of Detroit. A. Who cares? B. Stay in Russia, Sergei. The mob will protect ya! C. Ask for money from Anna Kournikova..or not

-Ryan Johnson and several Canucks are

waiting in line to deal with Mike Gillis.

-Joe Sakic aiming for a job in Avalanche management. (Denver Post)

-Did you hear that new Jackets coach Scott Arniel fired both long-time assistant coaches a couple days ago? What a badass.

-New Devils coach John MacLean says he is going to "bring back Devils hockey." Zach Parise hopes that is an aggressive offensive style. it even possible for the NJ to play a more offense? Wouldn't that be an identity crisis?

-Scott Niedermayer will never be Canuck. The OC Register reports it's "Anaheim or nothing" for him, as his family is comfortable there. Both Niedermayer and Teemu Selanne have to make up their minds about playing by draft day. No f*cking around this time. I expect both to retire.

-The Hurricanes will have 11 picks in the Draft, the most of any team. The Islanders and Oilers each have 10 picks.

-Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood will marry this summer despite what the tabloids say. Hey Mike, I dare you to cheat on her. C'mon man, it's only a truck.