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Upcoming Dates To Remember

June 16-22: Speculation, rosterbation, sun tanning...

June 22: Canucks' 2010-11 schedule released. Commence griping.

June 23: NHL Awards Ceremony. Hank and Kesler taking home some hardware?

June 25-26: NHL Draft. Pick me! Pick me!

July 1: Free Agency Begins! Demo hits the road! Gillis pulls a rabbit out of a hat!

July 5 is roughly the deadline on which restricted free agents can request their cases go to salary arbitration. Arbitration cases are generally heard in late July and early August.

July 30: Rumors swirl about Gillis trying to land an older washed-up injury prone Swede...or an aging Czech with a mullet.

September 12-16: The Canucks and Penticton will host an 8-game round-robin tournament with prospects from the Canucks, Flames, Oilers, Ducks and Sharks.

September 18: Canucks Training Camp begins! How's the back, Cody? You can trust our doctors.