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On This Day In Canucks History: All Hell Broke Loose

16 years ago today the Canucks' amazing playoff run of 1994 came to a heartbreaking end as the Rangers won Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals by a score of 3-2. So close. The Canucks had erased a 3-1 series deficit to the huge dismay of Rangers fans, who thought they had this series by the bag in Game 5. It was a team effort that will never be forgotten. Unfortunately, post game, certain "fans" of the team in all their angst and/or drunkedness had a few ideas of their own on how to celebrate, spoiling the festivities for the decent fans out there:


Looting, fighting, confrontations with police and the riot squad, tear gas and rubber bullets galore. I remember that whole incident spoiling the evening on what was a night that should have been celebrated, even in defeat. Then again, the riot was also a bit of a distraction from the dagger to the heart that was Game 7.