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Assemble Your 2010-11 Canucks Roster

Idea_good_smart_brilliant_funny_man_medium There is no rest for Nucks Misconduct yet. Not with the NHL Awards coming up on June 23 and the draft on June 25-26. They are followed very quickly by free agency season a few days later. The lull in the Canucks news front is about to change.

But before that happens, let's rosterbate. I don't mean tell us which certain free agents you want though. I mean show us your ideal Canucks roster for 2010-11 that fits under the projected salary cap of $58.8 million US, or be safe and aim for the current $56.8 million cap. The cap increase is not official yet. Let's say you'll need 13 forwards, 7 defencemen and 2 goalies for your roster and all count against the cap. I'm not going to get all technical about the salary cap because I am no capologist. You can read about it at if you'd like. One thing, if you are signing a player long-term on a descending-scale contract the cap hit for the year is the overall average of that contract. That is uber-important for saving dollars (like Luongo's contract for example.)

-Here is a list of Unrestricted Free Agents this summer at CapGeek.

-Here is a list of current signed Canucks' salaries, and the dollar values of Canucks that are entering UFA and RFA status.

-If you are going to get ballsy and take a stab at another team's restricted free agent (you poacher, you):

Here is a complete list of RFA's in the West.

Here is a complete list of RFA's in the East.

Alright, here is my opening night roster:


Henrik Sedin: $6.1 million

Daniel Sedin: $6.1

Ryan Kesler: $5.0

Mason Raymond: $3.25

Mikael Samuelsson: $2.5

Colby Armstrong: $2.4

Alexandre Burrows: $2.0

Steve Bernier: $2.0

Cody Hodgson: $1.695833

Jannik Hansen: $.85

Michael Grabner: $0.843

Tanner Glass: $0.6

Rick Rypien: $0.55



Kevin Bieksa: $3.75

Sami Salo: $3.50

Alexander Edler: $3.25

Christian Ehrhoff: $3.10

Sean O'Donnell: $1.250

Andrew Alberts: $1.05

Aaron Rome: .60



Roberto Luongo: $5.33

Cory Schneider: $0.900


GRAND TOTAL: 56.618833

Yeah, Gillis may hint at wanting a D-man who can log over 30:00 per game, but he's going to have to give somebody significant up to get it, it will cost him a fortune, and the Canucks are not loaded with cap space. I took the steadiness and physicality and leadership of O'Donnell on D and the brute force plus offensive skill of Colby Armstrong up front.

BTW, I traded Hordichuk for a Stan Smyl hockey card and let Ryan Johnson go. GASP!

What would you do?