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Gillis On Team 1040 Today

I never heard the interview, but as I've done before, I'll copy paste what a poster at CDC wrote up in summary:

- Hopefully some young players will emerge on the team next season
- Thinks Chicago was too strong and had too much depth, matched every teams intensity level
- Mentioned how having D men who can play 30 minutes a game in the playoffs is key to advancing (hint,hint)
- Thinks the team will be very competitive and are a few pieces away from being a contender.
- Is looking at a lot of options moving draft picks, moving players, spending a lot of time looking at free agency
- Will most likely take the best player available in the draft, but also realizes that he needs to draft players on the back end

Thanks to sport scout at CDC for recapping it. Is Gillis going to acquire a top 2 defenceman who can log those minutes? Or is there are player on the current roster who can do that with more conditioning?