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Blackhawks Stanley Cup Parade / More Links

You know, if you're bored. 8 AM PST. Courtesy of CSN. Break it on down. The festivities are all but over. So I'll post some YouTube clips from fan cams and what not.

Fan Cam 1

Fan Cam 2

Kris Versteeg Raps...

Kane gets the crowd going then cracks jokes about leaving his shirt on this summer and telling cab drivers that he loves them.

Check out these guys getting run over by a cop on an ATV during the parade!

Pretty good fan cam footage here:

That's what 49 years of deprivation will do to ya. Now it's our turn, god damn it.

-More on the parade at CSN and of course, Second City Hockey.

-I saw Byfuglien with a Blackhawks umbrella as the players left the party. Maybe God hates the Blackhawks becase he rained on their parade? Just kidding. Maybe Buffy is a Mary Poppins fan.

-Chris Pronger's response to Adam Burish's "idiot" comments: "Why is he worrying about me instead of celebrating winning the Cup? Boy, it just goes to show how much I was in his kitchen for him to be talking about me five minutes after he wins the Cup." That from Puck Daddy via Sportsnet.

-Also from that Puck Daddy post, it looks like somebody toilet papered Joel Quenneville's yard. Shit it's been a long time since I've done that.