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There Is No Curse In Entish, Elvish Or The Tongues Of Men....

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Where to start? Oh that's easy.

Roberto Luongo. In a crucial Game 4, the Captain, regardless of the broken defensive play (Bieksa), lets in a softie right through the wickets 18 seconds in. Now, that might not seem like such a big deal because the score ended up being 2-2 after the first period, but why put your team down and take the crowd out of it that early? Lousy timing Lou. Aside from that, he didn't make any genius saves to help his team nor did his team do much to help him out.

Refereeing. I don't bag on refs all that often. I was already disillusioned with it after the first period. The marginal and completely blown calls abounded in Period 1. Well, really, it was 2 of the 5 calls in the opening frame I didn't like: the hooking call on Marian Hossa and the holding (?) call on Sami Salo on the one on one play that I thought he did a fine job on. The Canucks did not capitalize on the Hossa penalty but the Hawks did on Salo's early in the second period to make it 3-2 aaaannnnnndddd...they never looked back after that. There is no room for those weak calls.

No "I" in "Team", but there is a "ME". I am now sure that there is only air between Shane O'Brien's ears. The 2 consecutive cross-checking calls on SOB in period 1 were selfish as hell. Both times he cross-checked Dustin Byfuglien. Way to let Buffy win the mental war once again. I like how Mike Milbury suggested that if SOB is going to take that penalty that maybe he should finish the job. If this was the old days, that's what SOB would have done. Jonathan Toews made him pay for his second infraction. Alain Vigneault made O'Brien pay by benching him. SOB only played 9:38 last night. But he wasn't alone in buffoonery. Daniel Sedin took 2 consecutive penalties in the second period and GASP! the Hawks scored on both of those power plays! That made the score 5-2. That also made the Canucks' penalty look like ass all over again. Deja Vu! The Hawks went 3 for 8 on the night.

I miss Willie Mitchell. At least he'd be a better presence in front of the net than say...Andrew Alberts. Willie vs Buff would be more fun to watch.

Where do the Canucks go from here? I would suggest benching Shane O'Brien and playing Aaron Rome. I would also suggest a frontal lobotomy for the rest of the team. This type of team meltdown is synonymous with their history and it's frustrating. This team was supposed to have leadership and character under Mike Gillis' regime. None of that is present.

Can the Canucks come back from a 3-1 series deficit? Yes they can. And no they can't. Depends on your mentality and level of faith. It depends on the Canucks doing nearly a 180 in Game 5 for starters. It's not very likely to happen. Chicago currently has the mental and physical advantage. They shit the bed in game 1 and learned from their mistakes. They are playing like a team of destiny. They are the better team. But that being said, it can change with a Canucks win in game 5.


2:53 icetime for Tanner Glass and 4:24 for Steve Bernier. Yeesh.

Alain Vigneault summed it up very well in his post game interview. He believes his team is ready for this moment but obviously their actions are proving him wrong. He said Roberto Luongo is the second best goaltender on the ice and he has to be and will be better.

TIME TO CUE LUONGO'S TEARS -Steve Rosenbloom of the Chicago Tribune.

Wack stat: The Canucks won 41 faceoff draws and lost only 28.

-2 assists and 6 shots for Patrick Kane.

-3 goals and 2 assists for Johnny Toews. Unreal. Talk about a captain leading his team.

-Patrick Sharp, who had been quiet offensively this series, exploded with 1 goal and 3 assists.

-4 points combined for the Sedins, but also a combined -1.

-1 goal and 8 assists for Ryan Kesler in the playoffs. 3 assists in the Chicago series. We need some goals from him. We need goals from a lot of different people.